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American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia

American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (AmCham) is the largest international business chamber in Georgia with up to 200 company members. Founded in 1998, AmCham’s primary objective is to promote US – Georgia ties and the improvement of the business environment in Georgia. We do this by working with the government to help shape improvements in the business regulations, facilitating connections between Georgian and international investors and by supporting business and government links.

This is done in a range of ways. Through regular meetings we keep members in contact with senior officials in the government of Georgia, the US Embassy and each other. Our magazine,, is the premier business magazine in the country and provides insights into changes in the economy and updates on the deals being done and the personalities behind them. Finally, our committee-work provides a vehicle for collecting opinions, conducting research and lobbying the government on particular issues of importance to our members and the business community more widely.

The various AmCham Committees are vital tools in achieving this goal. We plan to continue working to strengthen our committees and to create new ones with which we will be better equipped to raise awareness of issues affecting our members, to better promote our businesses and to strengthen sectorial awareness & cooperation.

This is a challenging time in Georgia but, as always, with challenges come the opportunities for even greater positive developments in the country and we feel that, working together, we will be able to help these happen