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Georgian Distributors Business Association

Distribution Business is one of the significant parts of the Georgian economic policy and state’s economic development.

In response to the challenges, which exist in contemporary distribution business and in order to solve current problems in this field, the representatives of small, medium and large businesses operating on Georgian market, founded the “ Georgian distributors Business Association“

Absolute Majority of the association’s member companies represent global brands in Georgia and provide customers with high-quality products. The Association members also are the local manufacturing companies, which operate not only on Georgian market but also distribute / export production outside of the country.

The main responsibilities of the association are:

  • Development and promotion of distribution business as separate field;
  • Sharing global experiences on the local market;
  • Preparing of proposals and recommendations for legislative and executive authorities, in order to promote enabling environments for Distribution business;
  • Conducting seminars and training, in order to upgrade knowledge and skills of professionals working in this field;
  • Implementation of targeted projects, in order to facilitate Georgian Distribution Business,
    N(N)LE “ Georgian Distribution Business association “ aims to analyze experience and best practices of foreign countries, in order to prepare specific proposals and recommendations for legislative and executive authorities, in close cooperation with international/local organizations and state sector, which can be implemented in the local market.

The mission of GDBA is to advocate for GDBA members to create a strong, separate but equal business and legislative environment to maximize efficient distribution practices and services.