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Information: European Business Association (EBA) is a Member- Driven organization, registered in Georgia in 2017 with the very clear vision that doing business in Georgia will be the same as doing business in Europe. Perfect timing and pursuit of our mission that involves facilitating the development of trade and investment between Georgia and Europe has resulted in EBA becoming one of the key players in Georgian business network.

EBA in Georgia is differentiated from other associations in its European membership structure, a focus on advocacy and European values and is a unique European Interest Cluster. Operating across the whole of Georgia, the Association is prohibited from supporting political parties and companies that do not meet the Association’s strict Code of Conduct.

EBA represents the interests of its members in all its actions. With this respect it constantly organizes round tables, working meetings and seminars on the most problematic issues that members identify as their main challenges and prepares position papers based on the members’ views and considerations.

Under the slogan “By the Business for the Business” EBA strives to support Businesses and helps its members in increasing professionalism and standards. Moreover, by carrying out the mission-oriented activities and cooperating with the European companies as well as Georgian companies with the European values EBA contributes to Georgia’s European Path.