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Georgian Tourism Association

Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) is an independent, non-government, apolitical, and non-profit organization founded in 08.02.2006

Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) is a membership organization established in 2006 to promote the cooperation between the diverse tourism companies in Georgia, build a capacity building of industry players, improve quality management for tourism services, and support PPD for sustainable tourism development. The association unites tourism companies, hotels, wine producers, transport companies, Airlines, and educational organizations (VET Colleges) in Georgia, and today with more than 145 members is one of the biggest tourism associations in the country.

Our goal is to help businesses operating in Georgia create more benefits for themselves and the society based on joint cooperation. The association work to promote the: cooperation between the tourism companies in Georgia, cooperation between the private and public sector, hotels linked with Travel Agencies, capacity building, quality management for tourism services, accessibility of tourism information and country marketing, sustainable regional tourism development in Georgia.


To enhance the partnership between private and public sectors and to improve the travel industry by supporting the quality travel services for the sustainable Tourism Development in Georgia; to help members achieve this business objective.


Developing the Sustainable Tourism throw the strong communication between private and public sectors; Increased interaction between members; Creating new innovative tourism products; Creating a team of professionals and conducting the PR activities; high level of awareness of social responsibilities; Developing platforms for the closer relations, cooperation and product offering for tourism companies. Future Vision of GTA: Tourism in Georgia has developed in harmony with people and its economic impact benefits all the society, GTA must become the locomotive for the collaboration within tourism promoting and supporting its development to this effect

Key Strategy Goals:

  • Improved Membership Engagement
  • GTA branding and marketing
  • Ambassadors program
  • Promoting improvement in service-education
  • Effective lobbying, Leadership, Advocacy, and corporate
  • New funding sources
  • Initiatives, research, and innovative activities